Schedule of Events

Texoma Region’s 72nd Conference and 71st Annual Student Auditions

November 9-November 12, 2022
West Texas A&M University

MMNH=Mary Moody Northen Hall
FAC= Sybil B. Harrington Fine Arts Complex
JBK=Jack B. Kelley Student Center


9:00am SOTY Preliminaries, Mary Moody Northen Recital Hall (MMNH)

 6:30pm TEXOMA Region Board of Control,  Buffalo Room
Dinner Meeting WTAMU Alumni Banquet Facility

THURSDAY, NOV 10, 2022

8:30am Teacher Check-In, Lobby outside of Legacy Hall
(students do not register or check in) (JBK) 

9:00am Meeting for Judges, Legacy Hall (JBK)
(all members must register attendance at this meeting)

10:00am College Student Auditions Begin

10:00-10:50am Artist Series #1, Legacy Hall
Steinway Spirio for Singers (JBK)
Steinway & Sons

11:00am-12:50pm Mutsumi Moteki Master Class, Legacy Hall (JBK)

1:00pm Student Auditions Continue

1:00-1:50pm Artist Series #2, Legacy Hall
On Becoming a Voice Teacher: Applying Carl Rogers’ Person-Centered (JBK)
Counseling Theory to the University Voice Studio
Christopher Meerdink; Cloyce Kuhnert

2:00-2:50pm Artist Series #3, Legacy Hall

Life & Death: Art Songs by African & African Diaspora Composers (JBK)
Cherry Duke, mezzo-soprano; Esequiel Meza, Jr., piano

3:00-3:50pm Artist Series #4, Legacy Hall (JBK)
4 Ways to Shift Your Performance Anxiety Today 
Brian Downen

4:00-5:00pm Artist Series #5, Legacy Hall (JBK)
Incorporating Mindfulness in the Voice Studio, mini-session
Autumn West

Of Love and Death, mini-session
Scott LaGraff, baritone; Minhae Lee, piano; with Kimberly LaGraff, mezzo soprano

7:30pm Guest Artist Recital, Mary Moody Northen Recital Hall (MMNH)
Greer Grimsley, bass-baritone; Keith Chambers, piano

FRIDAY, NOV 11, 2022

9:00am College Student Auditions Begin

9:00-9:50am Artist Series #6,  Legacy Hall
The Puzzled Student: A Process to Teach the Dyslexic Student (JBK)
Emma Louise Steiner

10:00-10:50am Artist Series #7, Legacy Hall
Bridging the gap: Cross-disciplinary Conversations to Benefit the Singer (JBK)
Kimberly Monzón; Lauren M. Weber; Brittany L. Perrine; Jeremy Hathway

11:00am-12:50pm Guest Artist Masterclass, Legacy Hall (JBK)

Greer Grimsley, bass-baritone

1:00pm Student Auditions Continue

1:00-1:50pm Artist Series #8, Legacy Hall (JBK)

Music and Humanity: Works of Sister Helen Prejean and Jake Heggie 

April Golliver-Mohiuddin, mezzo-soprano; Megan Barth Argo, piano; Erin Murphy, flute

2:00-2:50pm Artist Series #9, Legacy Hall
Ukrainian Art Song: Preserving Cultural Identity Through Music (JBK)
Shaunna Shandro, mezzo-soprano; Mila Abbasova, piano

3:15pm Texoma Business Meeting, Legacy Hall (JBK)

4:30pm Q&A Session, Legacy Hall (JBK)

4:30pm Student Auditions Continue

7:30pm WTAMU Opera Presents Argento’s Postcard from Morocco, Mary Moody Northen RH (MMNH)


8:00am Saturday-only Teacher Check-In, Lobby outside Legacy Hall (JBK)

8:30am Saturday-only Judges Meeting, Legacy Hall (MU)

9:00am Youth Auditions Begin

9:30am Announcement of Semifinalists, Mary Moody Northen Recital Hall

10:30am College Semifinals Begin

12:00pm Announcement of Semifinals, Mary Moody Northen Recital Hall
Youth divisions (3A, 3B, 4A, 4B) (MU)

12:30pm Youth Semifinals Begin As Announced

2:00pm Singer of the Year (SOTY) Final Competition and Presentation, Mary Moody Northern Recital Hall (MMNH)

4:00pm Announcement of all Youth and College Finalists, Mary Moody Northen Recital Hall (MMNH)

4:30pm Finals: Divisions 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 7A, 7B, 8A, 8B, 11A, 12A

7:00pm Finals: Divisions 11B, 12B, 13, 14, Mary Moody Northen Recital Hall
Announcement of all Youth and College final results (MMNH) Announcement of Grady Harlan Award Winner

Auld Lang Syne


Auditions Office—MMNH 263
Hospitality — Hazel B. Kelley (JBK)

National Association of Teachers of Singing
Executive Director | Allen Henderson
President | Diana Allan

Governor | Melinda Brou
Student Auditions Chair | Daniel Hunter-Holly
Treasurer/Registrar | Gregory Brookes
Assistant Student Auditions Chair | Deborah Popham
Webmaster | Lily Guerrero
SOTY Auditions Chair | Melinda Brou
Artist Series Chair | San-ky Kim

District Governors
North Texas | San-ky Kim
Oklahoma | Catherine McDaniel
Rio Grande | Sarah Daughtrey
South Texas | Jolie Rocke
West Texas | Melody Rich

Chapter Presidents
Dallas-Ft. Worth | James Rodriguez
Greater Houston | Deborah Popham
Oklahoma Chapter President I Anne-Marie Condacse
Panhandle | Alice-Anne Light
Rio Grande | Gregory Gallagher

South Texas | Rebecca Coberly

Independent Teacher Liaison | Natalie Bradley

NATS Development Liaison | Barbara Hill-Moore

2022 Conference Chairs 
West Texas A&M University 
Dr. Robert Hansen | Director – School of Music 
Matthew Oglesby | Coordinator of Vocal Studies and Site Coordinator 
Shannon Burr I Transportation, Parking, and Signage 
Sarah Beckham-Turner | Artist Series Liaison 
Dr. Cloyce Kuhnert I Hospitality and Exhibits 
Dr. Christopher Meerdink | Room Monitors