Repertoire Change Form

This form should be used to request any repertoire changes for the November 2023 Texoma NSA Auditions. This form is to be completed BY THE TEACHER. Students are not permitted to submit repertoire change requests on their own. When making a repertoire change, be sure to double check the category requirements, including the minimum language requirement!  Once submitted, you will receive an email confirmation regarding your request within 48 hours. 

Change requests will be reviewed by the auditions team until Sunday, October 29 at 5:00 pm (CST).  Because of our teaching and travel schedules, we cannot guarantee that requests after that will be reviewed/approved before the auditions begin. 
You are able to request repertoire changes up through Thursday morning, November 2.  We will have sheets at the Judges Meeting that will allow you to indicate any final repertoire change requests and Casey and I will proof these right after the meeting to ensure the repertoire still meets the requirements. 

Please remind your students not to decide to sing different repertoire without consulting you.  This has been one of the more consistent reasons for disqualification in previous years: students decide to sing something else at the last minute and no longer meet the repertoire requirements.