Artist Series

2021 Texoma NATS Artist Series


Artist Series #1
Lazar Weiner (1897-1982) and the Treasure of Yiddish Art Song
Mikhail Smigelski, bass-baritone; Laura Bleakley, piano
Artist Series #2
Singing on the Spectrum: Understanding Neurodiversity in the Collegiate Music Setting
Rebecca L. Renfro, presenter


Artist Series #3
Try Me, Good King: The Last Words of the Wives of Henry VIII - A Performance Guide
Heather Hawk, soprano; Leslie Spotz, piano


Artist Series #4
Canciones de Manuel M. Ponce: An Introduction to the Mexican Art Song Canon
Jessica Rosas Posada, soprano; Jackie Wood, piano


Artist Series #5
Juliana Hall’s Cameos and the Female Visual Artist as Muse – From Inspiration to Creation and Beyond
Molly Fillmore, soprano; Elvia Puccinelli, piano


Artist Series #6
Let’s Start at the Very End: Teaching the Singers of Generation Z
Sarah Daughtrey, presenter


Artist Series #7
K-pop, K-culture and K-opera
Soo Hong Kim, soprano; Kwan Kyun Joo, tenor; Soo Kyung Lee, piano


Artist Series #8
Ned Rorem’s Magnum Opus: Selections from Evidence of Things Not Seen
Autumn West, soprano; Olivia Yokers, soprano; April Golliver-Mohiuddin, mezzo-soprano; Catherine McDaniel, mezzo-soprano; Jeffrey Picón, tenor; Steven Sanders, tenor; André Chiang, baritone; Robert Glaubitz, baritone; Megan Barth Argo, piano; Megan Clewell, piano; Jan McDaniel, piano


Artist Series #9
Twenty-Four—A New Opera from Old Sources
Tony Boutté, presenter


Artist Series #10
Gisela Hernandez Gonzalo’s Nueve canciones
Blythe Cates, soprano; Orit Eylon, mezzo-soprano; Ara Koh, piano

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