Musical Theatre Auditions

Musical Theatre Auditions (Spring)

Specific information on the 2023 Musical Theatre NSA for Texoma Region will be updated in January 2023.


To be fair to all participants, these rules will be followed explicitly, with no exceptions. Read and follow all of these instructions carefully to avoid disqualifications.

Applications must be submitted online.

The application is available at: (click on “NATS Auditions Registration”)

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS (see the National Student Auditions Regulations for full details)

  • Teachers registering students for auditions must be members in good standing at the national level of NATS at the time of registration as well as all rounds of the event.

    The region of a NATS member is determined by the physical address in their NATS membership file. Typically, NATS members may only belong to the region of their membership-address. They may only enter their students in that one region’s auditions in accordance with the audition procedures of that region. Exceptions to this regulation may be made with the approval of the Vice President for Auditions, the NATS Competitions and Auditions Coordinator, or the National Student Auditions Coordinator.

  • Members may enter only those students currently studying with them in the audition and may not enter students of other members.

    If a student has been studying with a sponsoring teacher fewer than eight months, acknowledgment must be made of the former teacher both on the application and in any public announcements. Members will disclose at NATS events the name of a student’s previous voice teacher if the student has studied with the current teacher fewer than eight months.


Full details about the category and repertoire requirements can be found here.

  • MT 3A – Lower High School Musical Theatre Treble Voice (14-16 years old, 9th or 10th grade)
  • MT 4A – Lower High School Musical Theatre TBB Voice (14-16 years old, 9th or 10th grade)
  • MT 3B – Upper High School Musical Theatre Treble Voice (16-19 years old, 11th or 12th grade)
  • MT 4B – Upper High School Musical Theatre TBB Voice (16-19 years old, 11th or 12th grade)
  • MT 5 – Lower Musical Theatre Treble Voice (Age limit: 22 years old, 0-2 years of study post-high school)
  • MT 6 – Lower Musical Theatre TBB Voice (Age limit: 22 years old, 0-2 years of study post-high school)
  • MT 7 – Upper Musical Theatre Treble Voice (Age limit: 25 years old, 3-5 years of study post-high school, all as an undergraduate)
  • MT 8 – Upper Musical Theatre TBB Voice (Age limit: 25 years old, 3-5 years of study post-high school, all as an undergraduate)

*These are the MT categories that are eligible to advance to the next round of the NSA. NATS has updated the category numbering system; some of these numbers may be different than in previous years.


  • Student registration fee: $5.00
  • Registration for the auditions is accessed through AuditionWare, using the same process as previous auditions. You must access AuditionWare through the NATS website(which was updated in September 2021!); if you haven’t seen the website since last January, make sure you give yourself time to login and navigate the new layout. In order to access AuditionWare and register students, you must:
  1. Login to The login information for this website is unique to you and administered by the National NATS Office.
  2. Once you are logged in, navigate to the “Member Home” page (the link is accessed through the “Menu” link, in the upper right corner of the website). []
  3. On the Member Home page, scroll down and select the green “NATS Auditions Registration” box. This will open AuditionWare.
  4. Near the top of the AuditionWare home page, confirm that the Region is listed as “Texoma Region.” Depending on your NATS Chapter, you may also be working on registration for Chapter Auditions. You can switch back and forth from your Chapter to the Texoma Region using the “Change” button.
  5. Select the green “2022 Texoma NATS MT Auditions” box. This won’t be available until registration opens on Monday, January 17.
  • As you register each student, you must select your institution or “(Name) Private Studio” from the dropdown menu. If your institution and/or private studio is not listed you must email to have it added to the dropdown menu.


  • The High School MT categories are now split into Lower and Upper divisions for the NSA, and therefore, within Texoma Region. Determining the placement for High School students depends on the age and grade level of the student, not the years of study.
  • NATS is continuing to allow recorded accompaniments (including programs like Appcompanist); additionally, teachers are allowed to accompany students in their videos so long as the teacher is not visible in the video.
  • Published transpositions are permitted.


For further information, please contact:

Dr. Daniel Hunter-Holly
Auditions Chair, Texoma Region NATS
Professor, School of Music
Associate Dean, College of Fine Arts
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
(956) 882-7178