Edward Baird Singer of the Year Eligibility and Participation

The purposes of the Texoma Region Edward Baird Singer of the Year Competition are (1) to select and award singers whose artistry qualifies them for entry to professional careers, (2) to encourage these young artists to carry on the tradition of fine singing as advocated by the National Association of Teachers of Singing, and (3) to provide an annual competition of professional quality equivalent to the NATS Artist Awards competitions, which are held every other spring. Selection of winners will be based upon present accomplishment rather than future potential.

The EBSOTY preliminaries are always held on the Wednesday preceding the annual fall conference and EBSOTY finals are held on the following Saturday.

Edward Baird Singer of the Year Competition is not offered in 2019

However, Texoma NATSAA prelims (October 30 and 31) and regional finals (Nov 2) take place in odd-numbered years instead of the longstanding Edward Baird Singer of the Year (EBSOTY) competition.  Singing times are assigned randomly according to competition rules, but we will try to schedule as many singers for Wednesday as time allows.

Despite the change in name, we will still award the same prize money for our regional finals as we do for EBSOTY: $1000 for First Place, $500 for Second Place, and $250 for Third Place.  Singers can register for NATSAA: https://www.nats.org/nats-artist-awards.html.  Singers may not apply through the Texoma website.  The deadline for this application is September 9th, and registration is through the preceding link and not this website.

EBSOTY will return in 2020!

Rules and Regulations of the Competition


  1. How to qualify: 
    1. A student applicant's current teacher must be a NATS member in good standing at the time of the application.
    2. A student applicant must have studied with a NATS teacher continuously for at least one academic year.
    3. NATS members who qualify under paragraph 2, 3, and 4 below may enter independently, without sponsorship of a teacher.
  2. Each applicant must be at least 21 years of age, but not more than 35 years of age on the deadline entry date.
  3. Each student applicant must reside in the NATS Texoma Region (New Mexico, Oklahoma, or Texas), or study with a teacher who resides in the NATS Texoma Region.
  4. Applicants (NATS members) who do not enter under the sponsorship of a NATS teacher must maintain their legal residence in the Texoma Region.
  5. First-place winners of previous Texoma Edward Baird Singer of the Year competitions are not eligible to compete.
  6. The final decision on all matters of eligibility rests with the Governor of the Texoma Region of NATS.


  1. Application packets containing all items listed below must be submitted online by 6 pm Wednesday OCTOBER 10.  Late applications will not be accepted.
  2. Each applicant must submit: 
    1. Completed Online Entry Form.
    2. $50.00 entry fee.  This fee is non-refundable.
    3. All required information, including all repertoire selection titles, composers, keys of performance, and accurate imings of each selection, is necessary for application submission.
    4. No late submissions will be accepted.
  3. Applicants must bring an original copy of proof of age, such as Birth Certificate, Driver's License, or Passport to the competition.  This will be required at check-in.


  1. Applicants will receive details of the competition schedule at least one week before the preliminary auditions. Contestants and pianists must expect the competition to begin at approximately 10:00 AM on the Wednesday of the conference and to run through the afternoon. If the competition attracts a large number of applicants, there may be two preliminary rounds and a semifinals round. Appearance order will be determined through random placement by the Governor.  Singers may not request certain times of the day or order of appearance.  Singers are responsible for informing pianists of the schedule of the competition.  The scheduled appearance cannot be changed because of pianist problems.
  2. Preliminaries: The EB SOTY Preliminaries will be held on the campus where the Texoma Region conference is held on the Wednesday of the conference. The judges will select three (3) finalists.
  3. Finals: The three finalists will compete at one of the afternoon or evening sessions of the conference. We will announce the EB SOTY winners following the final round.
  4. Prizes: First Place: $1000.00; Second Place $500.00; and Third Place $250.00.
  5. Pianists: Singers must provide their own pianists.
  6. Singers who enter EB SOTY competition may also enter any of the other Texoma region auditions for which they qualify. The three singers who are chosen for competition in the finals must withdraw from the student auditions. Their region audition fee will be refunded, if requested.  Participation in this EB SOTY competition does not affect the singer's eligibility to compete in any NATS Artist Awards (NATSAA) competition.
  7. If the judges determine that none of the singers' performances justify advancement to finals, no final competition will be held, nor winners named.

Copyright Regulations

Strict adherence to the NATS Policy on Copyright will be enforced without exception.


  1. Participants in the Texoma EB-SOTY competition must perform from a program conforming to the categories below, and must be prepared to sing any of those compositions at the preliminary or final round.
    1. An aria from an opera to be sung in the original language and key.
    2. An aria from a major oratorio, mass, requiem, or cantata to be sung in the original key.
    3. Twelve (12) additional recital selections divided into four groups.  The number of pieces in each group may vary but must total 12 in all, and each group except the English set must have at least two selections therein.

      Special note – At least one art song composed after 1950 (not an arrangement of a folk song) must be included in Group II, III, or IV.

      • Group I:  Songs or arias composed before 1800.  No more than two arias may be included in this group.  (Example composers:  J.S. Bach, Byrd, Caccini, Dowland, Gluck, Handel, Lully, Pergolesi)
      • Group II:  German Lieder or French Mélodies.  (Example composers:  Beethoven, Berg, Brahms, Haydn, Mahler, Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, Wolf, Berlioz, Bizet, Chausson, Debussy, Duparc, Fauré, Hahn, Milhaud, Ravel)
      • Group III:  A second group of National Art Songs consisting of any languages that are not presented in Groups II and IV.
      • Group IV:  American, Canadian, or British Art Songs.  Art songs with English as the original language.  A minimum of three songs must be included in this group.
  2. Note that Sections A and B above (arias) are in addition to the full recital program requirement and in addition to the twelve selection minimum within Section C. (Each contestant must submit a minimum full total of fourteen selections.)
  3. Except for the aria chosen under Section B above (oratorio, et al) all repertoire must be performed without score (from memory).
  4. Any questions concerning the repertoire above should be addressed to the Governor of the Texoma Region.
  5. When the applicant has completed the online Registration Form, confirmed, and submitted it, a Repertoire Form will automatically load for your completion.  The completed Repertoire Form includes all repertoire selection titles, composers, keys of performance, and accurate timings of each selection.  Once the repertoire form has been submitted, no changes or substitutions can be made unless original music cannot be located or, in the case of out-of-print music, permission from the copyright owner cannot be obtained.


  1. A panel of three judges will judge Preliminaries and Finals. Any teacher whose student is competing will not be eligible to serve as judge for that round. Applicants remain anonymous to the judges. If any contestant is found to be a former student of one of the judges, that judge will not submit scores for that singer's appearance and the average will be based on the other two scores.
  2. Participants will remain anonymous until the winners are announced. During the competition an assigned letter or number will identify them.
  3. Audition time limits:  Preliminary round (Wednesday): Not less than 10 minutes actual singing time.  Final round: Not less than 15 minutes actual singing time. Timing begins with the announcement of the first selection and continues until the minimum time is exceeded.
  4. The singers may begin each round with one selection of their choice. The judges will select the remainder of the program.

All decisions of the judges are final.

Edward Baird Singer of the Year Registration Instructions

  1. Review competition rules, regulations, repertoire requirements and eligibility under the “Edward Baird SOTY” tab at www.texomanats.org
  2. Click here to register for EBSOTY
  3. Work your way through the various registration screens and submit payment.


For questions regarding online registration, please contact:

For questions regarding payments, please contact:

For questions regarding repertoire and competition rules, please contact:

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